Warranty & Guarantee

All of our jewelry is guaranteed from defect for a period of one year.  Should their be any issues with your purchase as how it is manufactured, we will repair or replace it free of cost including shipping (if that shipping is in the U.S.A.) 

1.) Can I make changes to the jewelry?

Yes, custom order can be made and tailored to your specifications.  Please contact us for more information.

2.) Do you have the jewelry on your website in stock?

Yes, we do have the jewelry in stock except for rings which are custom made.  While we make every effort to update our website for changes, including new arrivals and discontinuation, we cannot promise that mistakes will not be made.

3.) Can my mounting be used to set a different middle stone at a later date?

Absolutely.  As a matter of fact, we can even melt and use the gold or platinum for a completely new design saving you a lot of money.

4.) Why are your prices so low?

Our prices are low because we cut out the middle man and pass on the savings to you, our customer.

5.) Can you make the ring that I want to design?

At the end of the day, that is what is all about.  We do not try and sell you what we already have.  Rather, we will design your jewelry using Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.) and we will keep you up to date as process proceeds.

6.) What will the stamp be inside the ring?

The stamp will be what the material is, including Gold and Platinum.

7.) How can I return or exchange my jewelry?
Simply, go to our return policy page and follow directions.

8.) Are you able to beat the a competitors price?

It is very rare that someone beats our prices.  However, if you find a lower price, please let us know.

9.)  How long does it take to ship my order?

Orders usually take 3 to 5 working days.  On custom orders, it is 7 to 10 working days. 

Please contact us if there is an urgency.

10.)  Can I order a ring without a center stone or any stones?

Yes, absolutely.  You may custom order any jewelry without any stones.

11.)  How do I know the type of diamonds you use on the rings?

Since the rings are custom ordered, we can put in any diamonds and stones that you want.

However, our stand side stones quality is VS E-F Color

12.) Can I make changes before my ring is finished?

Yes, as long as we have not shipped out your jewelry.